What is the correct order for your skincare products?

With the infinite amount of product choices out there, deciphering the right skincare for your skin needs can often feel overwhelming & tedious. No matter what skin type you are, the process of building a reliable routine of skincare staples requires some degree of trial and error. Don't worry, this isn't rocket science! Just remember to give your skin some time to adjust. 

Morning Routine


You always want to start with a clean canvas, so start with washing your face. For best results, use the Youth Activating Facial Cleanser, but you can also use our Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Oil, Tea Tree + Bentonite Clay Facial Bar, or Micellar Water. Wash with warm water rather than hot as hot water will dry and irritate your skin. Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.


It is important to apply your products from lightest to heaviest. Using one to two pumps of Youth Activating Facial Serum, apply to your face & neck using upward strokes. Avoid tugging and pulling down. This serum is AMAZING. It is the perfect foundation for your morning routine because it has Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, B3, B5, C, and E, CoQ10, and a bunch of other things to tone, balance, and replenish your skin. Make sure you allow your serum to soak in for a few minutes before you add any other products. Maybe brush your teeth or go pick out your jewelry for the day. If you have other serums you love, check to make sure that none of the ingredients in those serums will irritate your skin when combined with these products. If you aren't sure, google it. That being said, you can definitely add in Niacinimide, another Vitamin C, and any number of other things. You DON'T want to use your retinol products now. Wait until evening for that.


After your serum(s) have set, it's time to moisturize. The Youth Activating Facial Moisturizer is the ideal product to follow your serums because it's formulated to balance to the skin while soothing and toning and it's great for all skin types! 1-2 pumps will cover your face and neck. My skin is pretty dry so I use 2 pumps of moisturizer and then add 3 drops of Moisturizing Facial Oil, mix with my fingers, and apply. Again, you want to use soft hands and massage the product into your face and neck with upward motions, avoiding tugging and pulling. We aren't trying to help gravity here...


I can't find a good source for sunscreen but you definitely want to use it. Some makeup has sunscreen in it and Vitamin C is great for helping filter UV rays, but that isn't enough. YOU. NEED. SUNSCREEN.

Voila! That's it! Four basic things in the morning. Cleanse, Serum, Moisturizer. Sunscreen.

Evening Routine


Yep, we're doing this again. You need to get rid of any makeup and all the dirt & bacteria that have transferred to your face over the day. We aren't aware of it but we touch our faces all the time and transfer whatever is on our hands to our skin. When I'm wearing makeup, I prefer to use the Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Oil. Using the dropper, get a dime to nickel sized pool in the palm of your hands, massage together, then apply to your face. This oil will remove waterproof makeup, and even lash glue if you give it a minute to soak. Next get a clean washcloth or cotton round and get it wet (I found these amazing reusable makeup pads - I don't make any money from that link, I just love her products!) After squeezing out some of the water, use your wet cloth/pad to gently wipe away the oil, makeup, and the rest of the ick. I don't necessarily need to use another cleanser but some people prefer to dual cleanse and make sure all the oil is gone. Our Youth Activating Facial Cleanser, Tea Tree + Bentonite Clay Facial Bar, or Micellar Water will work for that. After cleansing, pat your skin dry with a clean towel.


Ok, this is where things can get complicated. If you are planning to use our Retinol Facial Serum, you always want to use it in the evening. If you haven't ever used a retinol product, start out using it once or twice a week and slowly work up to using it more often. Retinol can dry and irritate your skin and you want to take your time introducing it. Before you apply any retinol, double check that none of your products have AHA's like Glycolic Acid because they both exfoliate the outer layer of skin and possess potentially irritating side effects, especially in combination. Other things to avoid are Salicylic Acid, Benzyl Peroxide, and Vitamin C. (I put some links at the end of the page if you want more information.)

If you're using our retinol serum, apply 1-2 pumps into your hands and gently apply to your face using upward movements. Like all serums, it's recommended to wait 10 minutes before applying anything else so the serum can penetrate and absorb into your skin. Please note that it is especially important to use sunscreen in the mornings if you are using retinol products. They can make your skin very sensitive to the sun.

The Youth Activating Facial Serum can also be used at night. Simply massage into your face after cleansing and let it absorb.


Evening moisturizing can be the same as your morning routine or a little different. A lot of my customers prefer to use the Moisturizing Facial Oil in the evenings. It's all natural and filled with the most amazing and nourishing oils like Jojoba. If I'm using a retinol serum or cream, I use the Moisturizing Facial Oil on its own by applying 3-4 drops to my fingers and massaging into damp skin. If I'm using my Youth Activating serum, I will combine the Youth Activating Moisturizer and a couple drops of facial oil. Again, my skin is dry and just drinks up all the oils I give it. 

And that's it! Remember to look at your products if you are combining them with my products to make sure you aren't doubling up on similar ingredients. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, immediately stop using the product. Not everyone's skin is the same. What works for one person won't necessarily work for everyone.

Here are a couple of articles with more in-depth information about what not to mix together if you are interested.