My passion & my fears

My passion & my fears

I really love creating bath and body products and then getting to share those products with other people.  It's nerve wracking waiting to see if they love my products as much as I do but I can't be the weirdo calling people up to see what they think.  I mean, they aren't going to tell me if they hate it, right?  But I need to know if there is something that can be improved!  How can I get better if people are too nice to tell me if something isn't working the way I hoped?

Instagram & Facebook, which I rarely used prior to opening my business, have become weird obsessions for me.  I post something and then watch and wait for someone to like it or comment.  What kind of existence is this???  But if I don't have a social media presence for my online business, people can't find me or be so intrigued by photos of my products that they can't help but go to my website and buy everything!  Wait, I'm pretty sure that's the mentality of a gambling addict.

Anyway, I worry constantly that I'm not good enough to make it out there. That I'll never have the 10k followers that all the other soapers have.  So I stand in the middle, loving the making, terrified that it won't work out, and hoping that Stark Naked will be successful enough that it will be hard to keep up with both it and my day job as a secret agent.

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